We will renew❗❗

We will renew❗❗

We will renew❗❗

Thank-you for reading our exciting and happy blog.

I´ve blogged about the excitement, awareness, purification results of daily excitement when I met nature.

From now on・・・.


Excitement of excitement.

I’m Naoko Komatsubara, “Wakudoki-chan”.

“It’s really fun”

“I’m so happy”


Do you feel from the bottom of your heart?

The secret of the thrill.

that is, 53% of happiness is satisfied.

Eh!? what do you mean!?

It is the beginning of a mysterious blog.

※Because it is a story of an invisible world, it is free to believe or not.

You don’t have to believe, but don’t doubt.

From a small step🐾

I met the power of nature and taught me.

“Everything that happens is what I’m doing.”

I’ve always kept it in my heart.

Everything that happens is due to that.

I’m not bad at all❗❗

That person is bad❗❗

I was in nursery school.

His only companions is Hikaru-Genji’s magazine.

Iwas a student.

It is a little exaggerated image.

Even after becoming a member of society.

I want to jump into everyone and get excited together🎵


“What do you say?”

“I guess I won’t get stuck.”

“Can we swell together?”

Only people are worried.

Because of people.

The wall is made by myself.

I’m not bad❗❗

That’s it…

I will break the wall❗

From a small step🐾

Look, look~✋

My friends, taxi drivers, and children laughed((´∀`*))


What is 53% of happiness…

Happiness to feel❤

I can’t feel blamed or grudged for something.


Aiming to be a woman who feels happy from the bottom of my heart, I am in the process of polishing myself✨

Opportunity to meet incredible power✨

Nature sharing experience in Kyoto.

🍀Humanity relief site ☆ experience schedule🍀


One word of happiness of Mr. Minami Shoji.

“Single word to be happy”

People are born to be happy.

There is no word unhappy in human life.

People who think they are not happy are still happy, so if you decide for yourself, you will be happy and there will be no misfortune.

If all seven billion of humanity decide to be happy, they will be happy.

If you decide to be happy and enjoy life, you will be happy every day and everything will happen.

Everything that happens to me is 100%done by myself, so it doesn’t happen because of people.

Believe in yourself, make your life happy, and enjoy.

If you are not happy, there is a way to make it happy, so let’s take a note in one word.

Words that make you happy ☆ Words that make you happy Minami Syoji.