Models are not dreams⁉✨😍

Models are not dreams⁉✨😍


Excitement of excitement.🎶💕

I’m Naoko Komatsubara, “Wakudoki-chan”.

“It’s really fun”

“I’m so happy”


Do you feel from the bottom of your heart?

The secret of the thrill.

that is, 53% of happiness is satisfied.

Eh!? what do you mean⁉

It is the beginning of a mysterious blog🎶👏

※Because it is a story of an invisible world, it is free to believe or not.

You don’t have to believe, but don’t doubt.

Exciting first experience💕

This holiday has begun.

It is a manner school.

In the morning, we should have had enough time to leave, but it was my first time to go to the first venue, so I lost my way while staring at the navigation system.

Oh my god! Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)

Only time passes every moment・・・

At that time, 99% of the world was invisible, so we purified it.

And when we set the time, we arrived at the right time, not too early or too late✨👏

I did it.

Models are not dream⁉😍

Speaking of manners, it is different from the new year manner course held in the spring every year!

The friends who have been attending earlier and the various seniors are surprisingly transformed✨

The figure is exactly a model👸

※The image is an image diagram.

Minus craftsman😈

The teacher of the instructor taught one by one with love.

My situation・・・

The difference between the left and right shoulders is large.

The face is too forward.

Terrible stoop.

How to walk is grandma.

Just reading this is crazy💦crazy💦crazy💦😱

These are all.



Root gloom.


Seems to be mature.

It seems weird.

Create a negative image.

It was exactly the guidance that applied to me🙇

Although I was worried about my posture, I could not keep consciousness and habits on my own and could not correct it.

No way, it was so bad.

My dream is・・・✨

During the lesson, the teacher instructed me on the correct posture and standing behavior.

I atood in front of the mirror and praised

“very good style✨” 


🌹  🌹  🌹  🌹  🌹

In the past, I did not disclose it to anyone, but secretly the model was a dream.

I can’t say that “Dream is a Paris Collection Model”, but I feel that the dreams deep inside my heart are being realized little by little.

The important thing is to follow nature.

I want to feel from the bottom of my heart✨

I am looking for my trye self.

I can return to my self.

That is the encounter with the power of nature.


Thank you God.

Thank you, Minami Shoji sensei.

Thank you, Ms.Hiroyo Ogawa.

🌸One word of happiness of Mr. Minami Shoji.🌸

“Return to true self”

If you are a true self, you are the best person in the world.

If everyone is real, they are the best peaple in the world.

And it’s natural to be happy, healthy, and blessed, with economy.

Essentially, there is no illness, poverty, or misery.

That is the norm.

Sickness, poverty and misery are miracles.

If you’re a lie, you’re just a lump of meat.

Before I was born, I was happy and sick, full of hope and expectation.

And as time passes, you will encounter lies while your body grows bigger, and you will be surrounded by a society where you can not live unless you are a lie, you will become a liar, losing yourself and raising a bad miracle that is not commonplace TO go.

If you return to your true self, you will be happy, blessed with economy, and full of happiness.

And you have the best in the world.

If you realize that, the world is a beautifull and wonderful, natural world.

Return to your true self and be a normal joy.

One word of happiness.

The power of nature.

Minami Shoji.

Return to true self | Minami Shoji sensei’s happiness.


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