2☆Let´s do it.

2☆Let´s do it.

Do you feel joy of living?
Sincerely “fun🎵”
Sincerely “happy🌸”
Thank-you from my heart.
Undressed, as is.
After all I like nature❤

Asexual today…

Today,  I feel like I want to eat a sweet thing asexually  from morning.

Isn’t there such a thing as “asexual today”⁉

Not chocolate, not candy,  not ice. . .


I want to eat cake with plenty of fresh cream🍰😍

I want to eat❗I want to eat❗

Speaking of which, there is an old coffee shop near my work place.

What should I do?

A cake at a coffee shop during work breaks.

It’s rude to order only cake at lunch.

Because it is old, there my not be cake when we enter.

Again, my thoughts in my brain are gururu (@_@)

Also it’s important to try again✨

✨I went there.✨

I don’t even know what a coffee shop is actually like than just looking from the outside.

What menus do you not go to?

Is it delicious?

First time you know❗

That’s why I tried to get out during the break.

Was💡Cake set💡

We were very happy to have lemon tea squeezed on two cakes❤

A long- established coffee shop run by a couple☕

“I´ll come to lunch next time,”  said the candy🌸

2 million friends world🌍

In addition, personal connections have expanded.

“I want to eat cake‼️”

It was good to try honestly to my feelings.

🌸One word of happiness of Minami-  Shoji-sensei🌸


Thoughts are endless.

Think about your thoughts.

Thoughts can be used for bad, good and anything.

For example, when you think about work, there are various jobs such as shops, companies, craftsmen, investments, food sales and so on.

Everything costs money.

And there are imitations.

The worst thing is that you lose freedom.

So what can you use your thoughts for?

Thought is the best.

I think succeed is the whole life.

I don’t need inventory or capital, I just think whenever I am.

I just think.

By doing so.

Everything is as expected.

If it doesn’t work as expected, it’s just a mistake.

You just have to admit it is wrong.

And the more you experience, the better the results.

Thoughts can be used by anyone.

Everyone has great talent.

The important thing is to remove the frame, experience, love,  appreciation and conversion alone, illness will solve all of pain, economy, freedom, anxiety, love and life.

One word of happines.

Thoughts were the best and the source of happiness in life.


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